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Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

Whether your dealing with challenging market conditions like parts shortages or your aim is to reduce component costs, our skilled and experienced team can get the products you need overseas and bring them directly to your warehouse or ours.

Sourcing electrical and electronic products from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India or similar countries is hard. Most small to medium-sized OEM’s do not possess the resources required to find the right suppliers overseas and vet them thoroughly. We have access to over 55 ISO- certified factories making a wide variety of components available to us. Our importing transactions are handled by six specially-trained and licensed Customs Brokers to make sure your goods are imported with the utmost of efficiency and accuracy.

Let High Tech Connections source these components for you at low costs. We can arrange the most economical sea or air transportation, handle the import tariffs, dock fees, product tracking and the always- present paperwork hassles associated with the importing process. For over 30 years, the High Tech Connections team of professionals have perfected the art of importing. Now, we can offer this expertise to you!

Let’s discuss your BOM’s today and get started on the road to cost reductions by importing your production parts from the Far East with confidence through High Tech Connections!

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