Continental European Detachable Cord Sets

Angle European CEE 7/7 (Schuko) Plug to EN60320 C 13

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Part No. Cord LengthCord TypeMaterialColor
614-02 MetersH05VV F3G1.0PVCBlack
614-82 MetersH05VV F3G1.0PVCGray
614-92 MetersH05VV F3G1.0PVCWhite
615-02.5 MetersH05VV F3G1.0PVCBlack
615-82.5 MetersH05VV F3G1.0PVCGray
615-92.5 MetersH05VV F3G1.0PVCWhite
616-03 MetersH05VV F3G1.0PVCBlack
616-83 MetersH05VV F3G1.0PVCGray
616-93 MetersH05VV F3G1.0PVCWhite

Certification: VDE, ENEC, SA, IMQ, OVE, CEBEC, +S, DEMKO, SEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO. 10A/250V rated.

Options: Special lengths, 16A versions, Lockable C13, C15 and C19 Connectors.

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